Mental Health First Aid Training Details Mental Health First Aid has changed a little this year.  From the 1st July, Bushsong will be delivering the new Edition 4 Standard Mental Health First Aid course.

The new course has meant an increase in the size of the manual and more engagement by means of activities in the new course. It's always important that participants get the opportunity to practice skills being taught and discuss the content of the course. 

In addition, MHFA has introduced a new course entitled Mental Health First Aid for the Suicidal Person.  We would see this as an advanced course and personally would prefer to see that people have completed the Standard MHFA course before embarking on this course.  Theoretically, if people have done and applied basic Mental Health First Aid it may well avoid having to deal with a potential suicide issue.  Far better to deal with people in the early stages of depression than in the depths of suicidal thoughts.

Stigma Charter LogoThe Stop Mental Illness Stigma charter is an initiative of the Murray Primary Health Network.

This is a great idea as it can be used in businesses, clubs, training establishments, employment agencies and government of all levels.

Stigma is a huge issue not only in the acceptance of people experiencing mental health issues, but also with people who may have a suspected problem.  The stigma surrounding mental health can actually prevent people from seeking help.  They can be afraid of backlash, rejection, job loss and other consequences that can arise in situations where stigma is rife.  It is for this reason we need to stamp it out.

Giving a gift to someone mentally ill

Although Christmas has recently passed, it made me think about the difficulty people might have in buying a present for someone who has a mental illness. So I thought it time I put pen to paper and give people a few ideas. After all, there is always birthdays and of course next Christmas to consider.

1.  A New Attitude

This can be an extremely timely gift for someone with a mental illness. They may be feeling down at the moment and a new attitude may well help them get over their problems. Before purchase, check the existing attitude to make sure that it is not to your liking and that the opposite is what you would prefer. If so, wrap it up in bows and balloons and make the big presentation on the day.

You have a duty of care to your workers for their mental health

I was asked recently about how far Managers should get involved in their staff’s personal lives. The question was asked after a discussion about what Managers should do if they identified, or thought they identified symptoms of mental illness in a worker.

It’s a fair question, and one that I think should be looked at in the context of standard physical First Aid.

Fear is a terrible feeder of suicidal thoughts

The title and this post was inspired as a result of a story published by the ABC "Study shows suicidal patients discharged from hospitals too early, without follow-up information, or not admitted at all". When this first came across my desk I was absolutely alarmed by the title. I was further alarmed when I read that it involved 80% of patients that weren't happy.  I resolved to write my own post about it and further the awareness of the public about this disgusting situation.

Workplaces should be mentally healthy

It's great to see business is becoming more aware of the value of a mentally healthy workplace. However there is still a long way to go in achieving the recognition and investment needed to achieve this on a national basis. There are a couple of extremely interesting drivers to this situation.

Loddon Shire Mental Health First Aid Training Class Photo

The Loddon Shire recently arranged three Mental Health First Aid courses for their staff. The courses were focussed on those of Manager level and above, plus customer service staff due to their regular dealings with the public.

This was the first time such training had been done for the staff and the first time the majority of them had experienced specific mental health training. It was exceptionally pleasing to see barriers coming down as many mental health myths were challenged and ultimately dispelled.

Mental Health First Aid Training Courses

We train in:-

  • Standard Mental Health First Aid
  • Mental Health First Aid For the Suicidal Person
  • Blended Mental Health First Aid


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