Here we feature some of the testimonials received from people who have attended our Mental Health First Aid courses. We value the fact they have bothered to take the time to let us know what they thought of the course.

I recently attended your two day Mental Health First Aid Course in Wedderburn. I am writing to express my appreciation for the opportunity both you and the course provided me.

The course has been of benefit in many ways:

  • I have become much more aware of the scope and symptoms of the range of mental disorders
  • I have learnt the necessity for prompt identification and response to a mental health incident.
  • The ALGEE Mental Health First Aid Plan has give me a structured course of action to implement should the need arise.

Thank you for your clear presentation of the material. You were able to explain the issues in a manner that all attendees could understand. In particular I would like to thank you for being so open and frank about your own experiences. This one action, as painful as it may have been for you, enabled us all to dig deep inside ourselves and face the fact that, maybe, we have all personally had to face our own demons. Your frankness enabled me, and I hope all other attendees, to be honest enough to explore my own experiences and memories and gain some explanation for the previously inexplicable.

I hope I can do justice to the course and you as presenter.

Michael Hartwig, Accountant, Wedderburn Community House.


Recently attended a Mental Health First Aid course ran by Ric Raftis. I did not know too much at all about mental illness, but through the great way Ric delivered the information, I have learnt so much and am very happy to have done this course.
Thanks Ric.
Elizabeth Canfield


I recently attended a Mental Health First Aid course ran by Ric Raftis. It was very informative, as I did not understand very much about mental health. Thanks to Ric I now have a better understanding . Ric presented the course in such an easy and informative manner.
Thanks Ric.
Bev Elstob

Thanks for running such a fantastic course last weekend. Your interactive approach and willingness to share some of your own experiences contributed enormously to making 'the theory' tangible and personal. As someone who has started to travel the road of understanding more about my own mental health issues (anxiety/depression) I found the course enormously enlightening. Only through education can change be brought about to the way the world at large 'sees' the reality of how extensive an issue mental health is for everyone of us.
Lisa Humphreys

suzanneHughesHi Ric, Thanks so much for providing your expertise at the recent Mental Health First Aid training course.  I found your nature to be very engaging and supportive, and felt that I could ask any question and you would be able to give me an insightful response.  I’ve now gained my accreditation, so feel more confident that what you taught me, has, and will stay with me.  I’ll definitely be reviewing the tools you provided at and following the course, and I now look forward to using what I’ve learnt to support people through any tough times to come. 
Thanks Again,
Suzanne Hughes.

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